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what is a game changer

A Game Changer is someone who views the world not for what it is, but for what it could be. A game changer changes the pace the moment that they set foot on the field. They do what needs to be done, regardless of their feelings towards it.

Game changers are innovative, constantly striving towards the next goal. Game changers do not get intimidated by obstacles, but get excited by opportunities. They do not stop until the job is finished and finished with excellence. The goal of the game changer is not to be average, but to be extraordinary.

The purpose of this group would be to grow and improve through direct interaction with fellow game changers. If you are a member of this group, it means that someone has realized that you are a game changer in your respective field! My goal for this group is that members will gain newfound tools and tips that they can then apply to their own lives.

Feel free to share your own tips and videos on sales, leadership, marketing, motivation, and various other topics. If it enriches, encourages, or influences you, please share it with the group!

Iron sharpens iron, and, as game changers, I believe that we will improve through the positivity and networking that this group will bring — feeling motivated.

David Villa

success is directly proportional to effort

There is no GLAMOUR without the GRIND!

You can't HAVE IT without the HUSTLE!

There is no building WEALTH without the WORK!

To be a MENTOR, you must first be willing to do the MINIMUM.

You can't leave a LEGACY until you first leave LAZY!

Before you can unlock your POTENTIAL you have to lock up your PROCRASTINATION!

Reject AVERAGE and embrace ACHIEVEMENT!

Give up the VICE and get fresh VISION!


the facebook group for true game changers


  • Tips and Videos on Sales, Leadership, Marketing, Training, and more

  • Networking with influencers across a wide variety of industries

  • The opportunity to motivate and be motivated

  • Monthly contests and giveaways of Game Changer merch and more!



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